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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Anna

3 months! 4/17/12
My littlest lady is 3 months old now. Time sure has flown...I am not kidding I literally feel like her birthday was yesterday. But then again I feel like there was never a time she hasn't been a part of this family. It's funny how that works. Either way, she sure had been a special baby and I cannot express my thankfulness for this bean.

Hours after she was born. Sam was still at school
I cried the day I found out she was coming. You can read more about that here. She was the first baby I gave birth to naturally that I didn't cuss during labor. That's special. I had intuition that she was going to be a girl so when we found out for sure, it was no big surprise. There are a few things I find to be super special about having her around and one of those things is her relationship with Renee. Yes, it is one sided right now but still special. When Jamie & I told the kids we were going to welcome a new little one into the family, she immediately began referring to the baby as her little Anna girl. It was so funny, even when you would let her know it was possibly a boy, she'd say "no...that's just my Anna girl!" This went on the whole pregnancy and so of course Jamie and I had to (and wanted to) name her Anna.

Both Aaron and Renee love to get right up in her face. All the time. Anytime she is sitting in her little baby seat or on the bed or the couch they are there. Like little moths to the flame that is Anna. Aaron used to get in huge trouble, pretty often, for laying himself on top of her. Like, son...what are you doing? How many times a day to I have to utter the words Be careful around your sister. Soft touches only. Please don't kill her. Renee loves to have her picture taken with her and will often get real close to her and say cheeeeese just in case you might have a camera handy to capture the moment.

talking to mama
Notice the clock. This is not p.m.
Her birth was fast. It was peaceful. It was at home. My recovery was emotionally and physically one of the harder ones, but I have truly enjoyed having her here!! She's got a sweet disposition, she is my best overnight sleeper so far BUT she loves super late bed times! She is the most vibrant, talkative and active in the still after all of her siblings go to bed. There was a while when she was going to bed between 3 & 4 am. We have that a bit more under control where she is going to bed around midnight and she'll sometimes sleep in til 11 or 12. Oh, she is wired just like her mama! It is a blessing and a curse...

I am really looking forward to this summer- having her in the pool, watching as she learns to grab toys, sit up and develop her little talking skills. I think the more kiddos I have, I really do appreciate the small little milestones. Corny, I know, but I truly have no desire to rush any of it. Oh, I love this little bean and her sweet chubby cheeks!

Cheeks asleep
Cheeks awake

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  1. Rebecca BernardMay 8, 2012 at 6:22 PM

    I so wish I could meet her! She's going to be so big by the time I see her. She sure is a cutie!